IBERGRID Conference. Santiago de Compostela (Spain). May 14 - 16, 2007

Conference Language:

All papers must be submitted in English.

English, Portuguese and Spanish are accepted languages for oral presentation of papers at conference sessions.

Paper presentations:

There will be 8 sessions for paper presentations. Each session will provide an opportunity for authors to present his/her paper. Each paper presentation will be alloted a 15 to 20 minute slot.

Poster presentations:

Posters will be displayed outside the oral presentation rooms. Authors must bring their printed posters with them. Posters must be turned in at the registration desk before 9.00 hours on Tuesday the 15th of May.

The format of the poster should be A0 (download the IBERGRID poster template .ppt). A poster board will be provided and a supply of adhesive tape will be available to mount your poster. Authors can collect their posters at the end of the Conference.

At least one of the authors must be available to defend the poster during the poster session to which his or her poster has been assigned.