IBERGRID Conference. Porto (Portugal). May 12 - 14, 2008

General Information:

The conference IBERGRID'2009 is being organized by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV) and will take place from 20 to 22 May 2009.

IBERGRID'2009 is the third edition of a series of Iberian Grid Infrastructure Conferences initiated in 2007 under the framework of the bilateral agreement for Science and Technology signed in November 2003 between Portugal and Spain, aiming to leverage the construction of a common Iberian Grid Infrastructure and to foster cooperation in the fields of grid computing and supercomputing.

The main goal of the IBERGRID'2009 conference is to constitute a forum where the advances in the development of grid infrastructures, technologies and applications are discussed by the main players in Iberian and Latin American countries. This year's conference lemma is "Towards an International Grid: A Work of Everyone", specially aiming at future plans and integration activities in the frame of the European and International e-Science arena.

Grids are crucial for addressing many of the most challenging problems in science and engineering and are increasingly important in business, healthcare, environment and other applications. The 3rd IBERGRID conference is an excellent opportunity to gather an enlarged community of academics, researchers, students, industry specialists and practitioners in all branches of knowledge sharing a common need, that is, powerful computing, visualization and/or storage resources. This community will benefit from the Iberian Grid Infrastructure being implemented as it will provide easy and secure access to a larger and more powerful set of distributed resources. You will also have the opportunity to present demos and to watch liver experiments on the early IBERGRID infrastructure.

Questions about the conference should be directed to conference co-chairs at ibergrid09@upv.es