IBERGRID Conference. Porto (Portugal). May 12 - 14, 2008

Oral Presentations:

Please check the conference programme at http://ibergrid.eu/2008/programme.html to see the schedule of your presentation.

The presentation slots are 20 minutes each. Additional five minutes are reserved for questions.

A local laptop is going to be used were all the presentations will be prepared in advance. Authors are not allowed to show their slides from their own laptops. Please send the presentation file in PowerPoint or PDF format no later than May 6 to info@ibergrid.eu. In the event that an author wishes to show a demo in addition to the presentation slides, a request must be sent to info@ibergrid.eu.
Send also the name of the author that is going to present the work and a short vita (max. 50 words) to allow the chair to introduce the author to the audience.

The oral presentations will take place on large auditoriums so make sure that the slides are clearly arranged by using a sufficient large type size (24 pts. is advisable and 36 pts. for titles)  thus the participants in the rear part of the conference room will easily follow the presentation. Please take care in respect to contrast when using colours.


The IBERGRID’2008 poster display area is in front the Auditorium A101 where the plenary sessions are held


Display panel size: 840 mm x 1188 mm.

The poster will be on display for the entire conference. It should be constructed so that it presents the desired information in a self-explanatory manner. 

You are expected to staple and to remove your poster in the 12th and 14th May, respectively. Ask the registration desk for materials you may need.

Please place the title of your work in a prominent position on your poster. Include the author’s name and author’s affiliation. You may wish to display in addition the extended abstract of your poster accepted for publication in the conference proceedings.

A special conference session, on Tuesday, 13 May, between 17:00h and 17:40h is programmed, for authors to explain their work to the interested participants. You are supposed to be near your work at poster display area during this session.

If you have further questions, please contact info@ibergrid.eu.