IBERGRID Conference. Porto (Portugal). May 12 - 14, 2008

Paper Submission:

Full papers are invited on all topics of the conference and related fields relevant to the conference scope.

Structure for paper submission

  • Title
  • Authors and authors affiliations, including postal and e-mail addresses.
  • 3 to 5 keywords
  • Abstract (500-1000 words)
  • Full text in English limited to a maximum of 12 A4 pages
Student authors wishing to participate in the best paper award competition must declare that they are candidates when submitting their papers to MyReview (see instructions bellow) and will be asked to provide information that ensures they are currently a graduate, master or doctoral student.

Any paper that has been or will be presented or published elsewhere is not accepted.

The manuscripts must be formatted according to the instructions below:

A Latex2e template is provided (paper_Ibergrid2008.tex) as well as a modified version of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science style (llncs_Ibergrid2008.cls) where the page numbering has been removed.

Instructions for the paper submissions using MyReview:

  • Go to http://www.ibergrid.eu/2008/myreview/
  • Select Authors
  • Select abstract submission interface:
    • Using the abstract submission interface:
    • Title - Insert the title of your paper
      Email of contact author - Insert the contact e-mail of the paper's author
      Confirm email - Confirma the contact e-mail
      List of authors - Insert the list of paper authors (First and last name, Organization)
      Other authors - Adicional authors you wish to insert
      Does one of the authors belong to the PC? - Indicate if any of the paper authors belongs to the Program Committee
      Student candidate for the best paper award? - Select "Yes" if you are a student and wish to apply to this award
      Abstract - Insert the paper abstract
      Main topic - Which is the paper's "main topic"
      Secondary topics - Which are the paper secondary topics
      Submit - Click to submit this paper to the reviewing system.

  • When you submit your paper you will receive a similar information to this one:
  • The following information on your paper:
    1. Title: (Title of your paper)
    2. Authors: (Authors of the paper)
    3. Abstract: (Abstract for the paper submitted)
    4. Main topic: (Main topic you selected for your paper)
    have been successfully stored in the system. A mail has been sent to (email you provided) to confirm this submission.
    You must upload your paper before March, 10, 2008. Please note the following informations which must be used to upload the file or update your paper's description.
    1. Paper id: (Assigned paper ID)
    2. Password: (Assigned password to this paper)

    You will also receive this information in the provided e-mail.

  • After receiving the email you can follow the link provided to upload your paper to the system:

You will receive an e-mail notifying your submission.

If unable to submit the paper electronically, please contact info@ibergrid.eu